Thanks for stopping by! As a musician, I’ve stood on stage before a crowd of 300,000 people, I’ve traveled the world with name rock bands, and yes, I’ve had some interesting experiences. Now, as a writer, I enjoy bringing those times to life in my  novels, where my characters are musicians who’ve had some over-the-top, troubled pasts. I’ve two published novels, Smoking Jimi and Stealing Margo, click through to see either book. They are tons of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy them! You can read my book samples at Amazon, and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader, the ebooks are free!



    1. Tom, by 1982, we had been on the road virtually non-stop for over two years, and as you can imagine, that takes a toll on bandmembers. As I recall, some disagreements on musical direction with other members were popping up at the time I left, and soon afterwards, I decided that life on the road was an amazing experience, it had lost its charm for me. I segued into a successful 30-year radio career, which probably wouldn’t have happened had that parting of the ways not occurred in 1982. That Portland concert I remember well, that town always loved to rock!


    2. Hi Tom. Not sure if I’ve replied yet to your question. Fundamentally, there was a difference of opinion as to the musical direction of the band (consider we’d been on a grueling non-stop touring schedule for several years, so small things became big things) and so I left. I went on to a successful 30 year radio career, won some awards, and enjoyed my life. Now, I write novels. Thanks for remembering, and Portland was one of my fav cities to play in, it was a great Rock n’ Roll town, in more ways than one!


  1. Good afternoon, Chad. I am a great admirer of Steppenwolf from its origins to the present. Although his stay with John Kay & Steppenwolf was brief, I have been able to appreciate some bad quality videos where you participate with great prominence, great strength and musical dexterity. I have also heard record material with his participation, where I remember Brett Tuggle, in addition to John Kay, Steven Palmer and Michael Palmer. It was a beautiful stage between 1981 and 1982. Unfortunately there is very little information from that period and is confused with the year 1980 when there was another formation. In the year 1982 appears the album Wolftracks, but unfortunately already without its presence in the group. Every time I find photos or videos of Wolf I upload them to the John Kay & Steppenwolf – The Fan Base page. I have uploaded some photos of you to this page to remember your passage for the group that, to my humble opinion, has been excellent. I would be glad gladly, that from time to time we visited on that page to enhance the image of the band with its presence. I live in a small country called Uruguay (South America). All the best for you and your family. Greeting. Alex Casadei.


    1. Thanks, Alex. The “80’s Club” as we have become know, was an interesting, albeit unglamorous time in the band’s history. After the 70;s breakup, various bogus Steppenwolf band began touring, and trashed the name and reputation. So, John Kay and Steppenwolf was formed, and the bogus bands were shut down, but we had to start from scratch and rebuild the band’s name and reputation. I’m very proud to have been a part of that mission, and we worked hard, playing anywhere and everywhere, taking back the band’s territory one show at a time. During this time, we had so little time off from the road that I needed no place to live, other than hotels. It was a lot of hard work, but I’m proud of the band and what we accomplished. Currently, the band’s efforts have been to promote its current iteration, the core of which has been together now for decades and is still active in touring. I know there were many photos and videos done of our “80’s Club” shows, so perhaps one day they’ll be released.


      1. Thanks Chad for your response, much appreciated by me. I take the opportunity to greet you and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance, with great health and prosperity. All the best.


  2. Hey, Cuz!! Just finished Margo. Found it forgotten in the library (sorry). Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Reminds me of the way Uncle Rod used to write. Hope you are doing well. Everything is great here, now that the “resident” porcupine met it’s untimely demise with the neighbors. Now for the black bear that is getting too close….
    Take care, old man. Love ya.


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