CHAD PEERY AUTHOR PAGE (Under Construction)

Thanks for stopping by. As a musician, I’ve stood on stage before a crowd of 300,000 people, I’ve traveled the world with name rock bands, and yes, I’ve had some interesting experiences. Now, as a writer, I enjoy bringing those times to life in my  novels, where my characters are musicians who’ve had, shall we say, troubled pasts. I’ve two published novels, Smoking Jimi and Stealing Margo, click through to see either book. They are tons of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy them! You can read my book samples at Amazon, and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader, the ebooks are free!


2 thoughts on “CHAD PEERY AUTHOR PAGE (Under Construction)

    1. Tom, by 1982, we had been on the road virtually non-stop for over two years, and as you can imagine, that takes a toll on bandmembers. As I recall, some disagreements on musical direction with other members were popping up at the time I left, and soon afterwards, I decided that life on the road was an amazing experience, it had lost its charm for me. I segued into a successful 30-year radio career, which probably wouldn’t have happened had that parting of the ways not occurred in 1982. That Portland concert I remember well, that town always loved to rock!


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