SMOKING JIMI: A Novel by Chad Peery

Print book ten bucks.

Ebook two bucks.

It’s 1999, the year we were supposed to party. Here’s your stack of cash, but don’t go spending it on party favors, because there’s your crooked ex-manager, glaring at you with the expression of a cannibal, telling you there’s a million more for each band member. All you have to do is pull you guitar out of the closet, put your 70’s rock band back together, play one easy concert in South America, and bingo, instant millionaires. The bass player is now a secretive monk, the drummer a paranoid hermit, and the keyboard player has been dead for twenty years, but that wont’ stop you, will it? But then, when you find out the hard way what this South American dude is really after, do you think you’ll escape with your life, much less the cash? One way to find out: The Smoking Jimi van is waiting at the curb– grab your copy and let’s hit the road! Buy the “print” or Kindle ebook version of Smoking Jimi at Amazon. Got Apple? Click here for Apple iTunes; all ebook formats click here for Smashwords.






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